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Welcome to Greenfed

Welcome to our corner of creativity in Christchurch! We take pride in crafting innovative natural fiber products that resonate with the spirit of Aotearoa.Discover sustainable, durable, and versatile solutionsthat enhance both your home and the planet.

Weed Mats
Say goodbye to pesky weeds and hello to a healthier landscape with our premium coir weed control mats!Designed to shield your garden from unwanted intruders, our mats also act as natural pH neutralizers, enhancing soil fertility and moisture retention. Plus, they're resistant to pests and diseases, ensuring your garden stays thriving all season long. See more...

Meet our products

They are nice & friendly

  • Offer style and sustainability
  • Mats and rugs with latex backing
  • Exclusive Collection
  • Environmental consciousness

Mat& Rugs

Coir, Cotton, Jute, Sisel

  • Improving Soil Structure
  • Natural pH neutralizer
  • Enhance water retention
  • Natural micro nutrients
  • Enhance soil fertility
  • Pest and disease resistance
  • Trap sediment
  • Stabilize riverbanks and shorelines
  • Vegetation support
  • Natural barrier and water filtration
  • Habitat restoration

Household products

Coco & Bamboo

  • Soil reinforcement
  • Semi permanent slope stabilization
  • Embankment construction
  • Retaining wall backfill
  • Coastal protection (salt water resistant)
  • Silt fencing
  • Sediment control
  • Stormwater management
  • Immediate erosion control
  • Vegetation establishment
  • Re-vegetation of disturbed sites
  • Temporary slope stabilization
  • Stormwater management

Erosion&Weed control

Natural Fiber